Front Assist and ACC


Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front is reassuring while driving in traffic. Optional adaptive cruise control helps you to do just that.

ACC measures the proximity and speed of vehicles on the road ahead. In queues and traffic jams, the system combines with the optional DSG dual clutch gearbox to brake your Golf Estate to a stop and automatically move forward again shortly after. Within system limits, ACC can keep your car a safe distance from the vehicle in front at speeds of up to 210 km/h.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and emergency braking is required. In these cases, the optional Front Assist area monitoring system can be useful. Within the system limits, you will receive a warning if the system detects a critical tailgating situation. In particularly critical situations, the system can also assist with braking or can even brake automatically to reduce the impact speed.

The City Emergency Braking system can intervene when you are driving at low speeds in city traffic, while Pedestrian Monitoring can detect, within the limits of the system, if for example a pedestrian steps onto the road suddenly. The assistance system provides relevant warnings, assists with braking or brakes automatically - always within the limits of the system. In the ideal case, this will prevent a collision or at least reduce its severity.

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